Calico, being a genie-puss of unrivalled generousity, had published her entire magnificent octopus of Alias Smith and Jones Fanfiction here.

    So far you have:
      * 55 Childhood Stories (55?!)

    (Sally Wheaton, Joanne Baker and Denise Craig stories appear within the Childhood section by their kind permission. Purr.)

      * 7 Playful Parodies
      * 18 Virtual Season Stories
      * 13 Ficlets
      * 15 Short’n’Sillies – under 3000 words (ish)
      * 5 Longer Laughs
      * 10 Sweet’n’Sour (that is not so silly) Stories
      * 3 Epic Proportions – stories that grew. 50,000 words plus.

    That makes 120 stories , no make that 123 – in total which surely deserves an admiring gasp.
    Okay, 16 of them are not by Calico and 2 are joint efforts – but, all the same. The paws have tapped over the years.

    Remember, like all felines Calico loves to be fussed – so do not be stinting of your tickles and strokes.

    NOW, when and only when you have read ALL the stories here, if you are still hungry for more I hear Maz McCoy has published a couple of ASJ stories over at: http://mazmccoystories.wordpress.com

    Okay, more than a couple.
    Alright, alright, she’s done over a hundred too. Sheesh, it’s not like it’s a dang competition. Much.


7 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. What a lovely way you ladies from t’other side of the pond have given me to while away the hours. Looking forward to revisiting these stories.

  2. Wow, takes my breath away. You’ll keep us all busy for years reading these. However, I think if you are going to sing this properly you need to change the descending order. Ahem. Clear your throats, ladies.

    “On the first week of her new blog the kitty gave to us:
    53 childhood stories
    16 Virtual Season Stories
    14 Short ‘n Sillies
    10 Sweeeeeeeeeeeet n’ Soursssssssssssss (coincides with 5 golden rings)
    9 Ficlets
    7 Playful Parodies
    5 Longer Laughs
    And 3 Epic Proportions that grew.”

  3. Wow! Found your site just three days ago. What a New Year’s present. Started to read the Childhood stories. Wow! Had a hard time stopping to go to bed each night. Just finished the one in the Childhood group. Fantastic writing. Could wait to start next. Don’t stop writing!

    • Awwww, thank you!!!

      It is always wonderful to see that someone’s been reading – especially an “I heart Alex Heyes” story – smile. If you are an ASJ fan a group of us mess about on: asjfanfiction.forumotion … come and play. (Of course it is perfectly possible you are there aleady !) C

  4. I just wanted to say that I loved your Halloween story on the other site, I cannot leave a comment there for some reason. It was a great story. Our boys as we know them are haunted by their dopplegangers? and now is Heyes haunted by his?. This is one that I read again and again …..Very glad that you joined the challenge. I hope you came back.

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