2b. VS Stories II

And on my Virtual Season episodes go. Have I no mercy?

10) Trick Shot
Heyes and Curry join the circus – but the fun stops when a trick shot goes horribly wrong. Parts of plot gratefully filched from Agatha Christie

11) A Grizzly End
Heyes and Curry discover there are predators more dangerous than grizzlies to deal with when they act as guides to a group of rich tourists. (Originally a VS. Anyone believing they spot elements of CSI Miami and Deadwood – is right!)

12) A Horse of a Different Colour
Heyes and Curry – with a little help from Diamond Jim – help Alice and Kurt deal with a loan shark, a little race fixing, and a right royal VIP. (Another one blatently cribbing from Hustle.)

13) A Quiet Night In
When Alias Smith & Jones was cancelled in America, a suggestion floated that, since it was the most popular import ever shown on BBC2, the Beeb might commission its own version. It never happened. But – if it had…? Imagine a modest budget, no guest stars, no horses, a single set. Sit back with a nice cup of tea and enjoy – A Quiet Night In.

14) Saving The Old JoAnna
Bien-venue to the Bien Venue as our boys help a shapely saloon keeper stay in business…

15) Vaulting Ambition
Hannibal Heyes can’t keep his mind off the bank’s new vault. Can Kid Curry keep his partner’s feet on the straight and narrow? A gratefully pinched plot from ‘Monk’.

16) Whiskey Galore
Despite being brothers in law, Armenderiz and Big Mac are still feuding. Despite knowing better, our boys are still getting involved. Join them all for light hearted battle over who finally takes possession of – Whiskey Galore.

17) What’s in the Box?
Hired to escort a mysterious package, Heyes and Curry endure a tedious cross-country journey accompanied by a curious young man named Artie.

18) Spoilt for Choice
When Big Mac’s other nephew needs help fending off the Mayor’s daughter – our boys decide the one thing missing is their best gal. But if only one thing was missing – how did they end up spoilt for choice?


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