3a. Ficlets I

Need just a little light-hearted something to read while the photocopier warms up? Every story below comes in at under 1000 words.    In (rough) order of brevity we have:

1. Girl Talk
Simply a little nonsensical girl talk about two fellas calling themselves Smith ‘n’ Jones.

2. A Declaration of Independence
Hannibal Heyes is celebrating another Fourth of July. How many per year ARE there in ASJ world?

3. Unintended Consequences
Just nonsense following a delightful get-together with fellow fans

4. I’m Outta Here
When Calico goes on her holidays, the boys realise; ‘better the devil you know’

5. Neatly Folded
Heyes has the cards, but it’s Kid Curry who’s feeling flushed. Just a little nonsense arising from a starter paragraph challenge.

6. Something In Common
A young Hannibal and Jedediah find they have something in common.

7. Just What They Always Wanted
More nonsense from the ladies of the ex-outlaw appreciation society. Warning – contains gratuitous use of garamans.

8. High Stakes
Our boys are playing for high stakes; can they halt a wily dealer’s run of good luck?

9. Don’t Throw The Kid Out With The Bathwater
Settle back for a gentle stroll through: “What the old proverbs say…” No ex-outlaws were hurt during this story – though one did get dang wet!


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