6a. Sweet’n’Sour I

Here the Calico flexes her typing paws hoping not for laughs, but for an ‘Awwww…’, a thoughtful frown, or a surprised blink. She will accept a disdainful stare. She has cats – she’s used to it.

1. One Last Time…
A little something which arose out of a ‘Missing Scene’ story challenge.

2. The Sucker
A Story of Early Outlaw Days. Hannibal Heyes, the new boy in the Plummer gang, meets an old acquaintance.

3. Mother of Exiles
Even hardened ex-outlaws can have their hearts touched by a very, very special lady. (And I don’t even live that side of the pond!)

4. Broken Promises
A young Jed does some hard thinking and Heyes some hard not thinking when they run into a face from the past.

5. Resolutions
New Year – a time for resolutions, and a time for our boys to remember…

6. The Choice
A story of the boys’ Valparaiso days. A young Hannibal and Jed face a decision. Will the choice they make be the right one?

7. Lies of Ommission
A possible sequel to ‘From Dawn to Darkness’ with kind permission of Grace R Williams. (Should also work as a stand-alone.) News of the boys’ amnesty causes Kid’s former lover Ann to think over her decision to leave him… And second chances…

8. Unintended Consequences
A bank robbery goes wrong for the Devil’s Hole Gang and leads to repercussions for Kid Curry. Grateful thanks to Ghislaine Emrys who let me rewrite one of her story openers to overcome a spot of writer’s block at the start of this one.

9. Professional Secrets
During an eventful train journey, a young boy learns a few tricks of the trade from Hannibal Heyes. (Calico’s first ever story!)


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