5. Longer Laughs

For when three thousand words of Calico wit and whiskery wisdom is simply not enough…

1. Local Conditions
Our boys play tour guides to a group of eastern tourists. (The second story I ever wrote.)

2. The Luck of the Irish
Heyes and Curry encounter a stranger stranger than usual on the way to ‘Frisco. Settle back for the Saint Patrick’s Day episode we never had. Possibly the Saint Patrick’s Day episode you never even knew you wanted. Kudos to North Star 65 for the idea!

3. Them Thar Hills
An undiscovered film script for your delectation. Utter nonsense…Don’t say you weren’t warned.

4. Caught in the Web
Just a piece of nonsense about the two boys. Warning – contains gratuitous scenes of chocolate consumption.

5. Ranch Dressing
Okay, ladies. Who fancies a little ranch dressing on their sizzling hot beefcake? Warning: Contains gratuitous scenes of damp and shirtless ex-outlaws. And if THAT don’t pull in the readers…!


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