1b. Playful Parody

By Ares Heyes (discovered and edited by Calico)

[NB: A chivalrous note from Ares.
· Dear ladies, my diaries will be most safely enjoyed in small doses. Otherwise – you may find yourself overwhelmed with passion for my utter masculine perfection and, it risks spoiling you for other men, forever.

NB2: A practical note from Straycat.
a) Gals, my long suffering beta reader suggests you swallow these diaries as a series of five to ten minute ‘shorts’ – which is what they are – rather than gulping down the lot in a single sitting. Rest assured you will not lose the plot for the simple reason – there is no plot.
b) Since they are an affectionate parody of my beloved Alex Heyes, if you haven’t read his life story in the childhood section, you may not get the joke. On the other hand, you may.

Previously appeared in C D Roberts ‘Hannibal Heyes Through The Mirror’

1. My Brown Eyed School Days
2. My Handsome Head Revisited
3. My Senseless Sensuality
4. My Love on a Wagon Top
5. My Dances With Deers
6. The Last of the Mohitoes
7. Four Sapplings After A Wedding And A Funeral


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