4a. Short’n’Silly I

Stories listed have two key characteristics.
a) They under 3000 (ish) words, making them perfect for tea breaks. [Don’t forget the dippy biscuit]
b) They are enough to make a cat laugh.
Okay, okay – they’d make a dumb ol’ Calico cat laugh – but she’s biased.

Hoping they at least raise a gentle smile.

1. Next Time on ASJ…
Heyes and Curry are tempted to take a peek into the future. This ‘almost-a-ficlet’ is affectionately dedicated to a fellow fanfic writer who occasionally ! indulges in a little Kidette hurt’n’comfort.

2. Perfectly Safe
A nekkid Heyes and Curry enjoy a sauna, when… Hey, I had ya at nekkid, huh?

3. The ASJ Fanfic Checklists
No more fretful chewing your pencil! No more disconsolate drooping over your keyboard! Simply ensure your stories comply with these few fail-safe rules – and dismiss any fear of disappointing reader expectations forever.

4. Not Another Fourth of July Story
Heyes comes up with a solution to writer’s block. Kid suspects he is incidental to the plot. Contains so much use of gratuitous tub scenes it’s almost embarrassing.

5. Dead Ringer
More utter nonsense from the Ladies of the Ex-Outlaw Appreciation Society

6. Stealing A March
Kid and Heyes decide to lie low on one of the most dangerous days of the year.

7. Corrie On Crossing Over
A Brit-biased – and silly – response to a crossover challenge. Suppose Heyes and Curry walked into a very familiar fictional local? Pour yourself a milk-stout, open up a bag of pork scratchings, then pull up a barstool.

8. A Change of Scene
Heyes and the Kid decide a change is as good as a rest… Just a little nonsense which gives away which OTHER shows from around 30 to 40 years ago on on my favourites list.

9. Picture This
This – and all the other Jed and Jen stories in the Lovely Days, Lovely Nights series belong to Denise Craig page. This one was simply the Calico lending a paw!! [It does stand alone]


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