2a. VS Stories I

Written for a variety of virtual seasons over the years.

1) Stop W(h)ining.
Written for my husband who fancies himself as a bit of of wine buff. So, break out the corkscrew, pour yourself a glass of fine-bodied, robust red – and enjoy a pair of fine-bodied and robust ex-outlaws messing about in the Sonama Valley!

2) A Little Bad in Everyone
“As I was coming down the stair, I met a man who wasn’t there. He wasn’t there again today. I wish, I wish he’d go away.” NB: Any “Monk” fans out there may think… “She’s pinched this plot!” They are of course right.

3) Waiting
Hair-raising adventure. Sizzling romance. Explosive action. Twists, turns and mystery. Danger, menace and villainous betrayal. Springing cougars and venomous rattlesnakes. Just a few of the things NOT bothering Heyes and Curry in this story.

4) Do the Hustle (aka: They Call Him The Streak) In his desire to prove he’s a genius, has Heyes accepted one wager too many? Fans of the BBC series ‘Hustle’ will suspect that this plot has been shamelessly – but very gratefully – filched. Their suspicions will be well-founded indeed

5) The Pecking Order
Our boys take on a ranch job with a difference. Will it ruffle Kid’s feathers?

6) When You’re In A Hole – Stop Digging
When Harry Briscoe hires our boys to work for George Bannerman himself – what can possibly go wrong? This story owes a debt to whichever kind person uploaded the Jasper Carrott mole sketch to you tube and to a variety of P.G. Wodehouse golf stories

7) Another Miracle
More feminine trouble south of the border for Kid Curry. Can Heyes work another Miracle? NB: The plot has been gratefully filched from Agatha Christie – but then she did use most of the available plots, huh?

8) Grace and Favour
Our boys encounter a familiar face – who would like their help. NB: The plot has been gratefully filched from a BBC Hustle episode and adapted for our boys!

9) The Anniversary Vaults
Originally written as a 40th Anniversary Tribute. Deja Vu for the boys when they revisit Porterville.


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