4b. Short’n’Silly II

Stories listed (still) have two key characteristics.
a) They are under 3000 (ish) words, making them perfect for tea breaks. [Don’t forget the dippy biscuit]
b) They are enough to make a cat laugh.
Okay, okay – they’d make a dumb ol’ Calico cat laugh – but she’s biased.

Hoping they at least raise a gentle smile.

10. Much Ado About Robbing
Warning: gratuitous tub scene; gratuitous use of pig’s bladder; gratuitous blank verse. In fact – just plain and simple gratuitous nonsense.

11. Do You Have What It Takes
At last, the ex-outlaw appreciation society has devised the perfect test to discover: “Do you have what it takes to be an ASJ fanfic heroine?” Shouldn’t take more than a quick coffee break – but you will need a sharp pencil.</em

12. A Tall Tale – Not
This is a perfectly sensible, mature and reasonable response to a straightforward Crossover challenge. Oh, yes it is! Oh, yes it IS! Anyhow, Heyes and Curry are being trailed by a group of strangely familiar bounty hunters – they’re BEHIND YOU!

13. Cool Hand Kid
Just a leetle – ‘ow do you say – nonsense wreeten for a challenge.

14. Everyone’s a Critic
Heyes and Curry persuade a fanfic writer to put her thinking cap on and take them a little more seriously. This story is perfectly adapated for our recession ridden times as it comes with a special Buy One, Get Two Free offer.

15. ‘Tis the Season to be Silly


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